How is CREST funded?

CREST does not receive any regular direct funding and must raise all the money it needs by itself. We rely entirely on donations and sponsorship to run our office and provide our services.


We can reclaim 25% of every donation via GiftAid.
This is only possible because our generous supporters have signed a GiftAid declaration.

How can you donate to CREST?

The best way to donate to CREST is by sending us a cheque, especially if you can also sign a GiftAid form - this way we get every penny of your donation as well as the tax you paid on it!

What does CREST spend its money on?

We are funded totally from donations and run entirely by unpaid volunteers.
Expenditure This is where the money goes:

CREST needs your help if it is to continue to fulfil its aims - every penny counts!