Visit to Frogmore House, Windsor - August 2019

In August a large group of CREST members and volunteers had a magnificent day out at the rarely open royal residence, Frogmore House, in the grounds of Windsor Castle.

Frogmore has been a home since Shakespearean times. It was purchased by George 3rd for Queen Charlotte in 1792, when it was used as a refuge for their daughters, well away from the soldiers at the castle!

Frogmore House Frogmore House Frogmore House

It was the home of the Duchess Of Kent, mother of Queen Victoria, and from the 1920s to 1950s Queen Mary kept the house as a museum for her great collections of ‘family souvenirs’, many of which were displayed for our perusal and enjoyment. The Britannia Dining Room contains favourite items from the decommissioned royal yacht.

Frogmore House Frogmore House Frogmore House

Frogmore is regularly used today by our Royal Family. Peter Phillips and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex had their wedding receptions there and it is favourite dog walking location for The Queen.

For security (and climatic reasons – it poured with rain!) we were unable to take photos at Frogmore House, but hope that these cheery snaps taken at the Windsor Farm Shop and café after our tour, reflect the congeniality of spirit always present on our CREST excursions.